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Interview & B-roll Video Production Whether it is a client testimonial, staff bio or simply a direct call to action to promote your product or service, interviews are a great way of connecting with your customers on a personal level. We bring together the right location, lighting, sound and script to help you communicate your message with confidence.

Can I use a teleprompter? Absolutely. Since there will already be a computer on set for the talent to see the interviewer, it’s possible to display that image on a screen over the camera lens. If you want to use a teleprompter, just let us know.

st louis web video production company on a live set, ready to shoot.

Rob Haller
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Your Corporate Spokesperson

Video production is becoming a must have for companies of all sizes and for good reason. Video, unlike combines audio and visual multimedia to create a more memorable and emotional experience.

Video on the internet doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We’ve been creating video and integrating it with the internet since You Tube first started.

Video Press Release
For years, PR companies have been suggesting the addition of video with a press release. Many online press release services allow you to upload video to your press release. In this case, you can add any type of video, perhaps a visual that enhances your message.

But, consider this as well. Simply take your press release as it is, and send it to a professional video production company and have a spokesperson read it on camera. Send your video production company a few photos, and they’ll be able to produce a much more compelling press release than you could deliver using text and photos. Then, upload your video press release to your website, to, to Facebook, and to video sharing sites.

A video press release is easy and affordable. There’s no scripting, storyboarding, or location shooting. A video press release can be used any time you create a written press release. But, keep in mind, if your video press release names and involves a lot of people, it’s much more likely to be shared. For instance in the example video press release above, the winner and finalists of a bird photo contest were shown. Those people, since they got recognition, shared the video on their social networks.


Mike Haller

St Louis Video Producer

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Web Video Production
The internet has become a significant delivery vehicle for disseminating information. Desktops and mobile devices can easily stream video from the internet.  We can help you maximize your audience by creating compelling video content for online marketing.  Online videos consist of many applications such as high impact explainer videos, product demonstrations and training videos.

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer
St Louis, Missouri, USA  | Video Production

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Important tools for a Great Video Production

Get Lots of Light!

Natural light works best for any type of video and should be used whenever possible. Typically, shooting your photos during the day will grant the best results. What matters is not only the quantity of the light, but the uniformity and distribution also.


Hard shadows are created when the size of the light source is small compared to the size of the subject. Conversely, soft shadows are created when the size of the light source is larger than the subject. For your needs you want to aim for soft shadow.


To avoid a hard shadows, we use a flash diffusers.  In turn, the light will be distributed in a softer, more even way in all parts of the object, rather than be centered in one spot.



Mike Haller

St Louis Video Producer

St Louis, Missouri, USA  | Video Production

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Find a different point of view when you shoot!

No one knows your products better than you. However, nothing is better than a product video shoot to bring out special features of your product that may surprise even you. We always look and create unusual angles, some can be close ups, but always we look for unique points of view. Accentuate particular video angles.


Rob Haller, St Louis Video Producer

St Louis Video Producer

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In the initial stages of training video production, our producer and writer will help you create a script that complements your brand. The video production script will effectively capture your business mission and communicate why your business is preferred over competitors. From there we will work with you to produce your training video.  We will shoot and your location, at our studio, or perhaps at both.  Once shot, the producer will gather all the visuals and work with the editor to assemble your production for approval.


Rob Haller

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We can produce your film or video production in St Louis with the specific gear and people you need for your shoot. Camera operators, sound technicians, gaffers, grips, teleprompter operators, make-up artists, jib and steadycam operators, whatever video services you might require. We will create your video with the best talent and most cost-efficient video production services in the St Louis area.

Rob Haller

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For web video production in St Louis Missouri, call upon St Louis Web Video. St Louis Web Video a full-service web video production company located in St Louis, Missouri. We specialize in the development and delivery of commercial and corporate video production content for the internet.

We will develop a script that conveys your company message creatively. We will film your video at your location or in our full service video studio. We will edit your footage creatively and add in graphics where necessary to highlight your message. We will also add in voice over or on-camera talent and select the most appropriate music to enhance the mood of your message.

Trade show videos
Marketing, promotional and brand identity videos
On-line training videos
Web video commercials

web video production st louis.  st louis corporate web video.

web video production st louis. st louis corporate web video.

This image was from a series of medical and health videos produced for a surgical center in st louis, missouri. We videotaped on location and edited in high definition. Videos were created for corporate advertising and marketing as well as for staff training. Final video distribution was deliverd by DVD, streaming and the internet.

Rob Haller

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Our experienced editors are well versed in high definition editing. Producers and editors have creative options to choose from with our music and graphics library to assist in their stl video production.

Rob Haller

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st louis web video

st louis web video

St louis web video is your st louis video production crew source for High Definition web video production.

We specialize in content creation, and providing video, television, film, broadcast commercial and music video production services.

Our in house video production crews come fully equipped to produce your web video production from start to finish.

Video production gives you the control to create and deliver a message to segmented audiences and on your website.

Quality web video production will strengthen your web site search results.

Rob Haller


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Mike Haller videotaping Cardinals Lance Berkman 1

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Television and Web Commercial
Religious Productions

Video Production Services

There is no denying the power of video in today’s world to educate, influence, and empower. Video is all around us. The most successful companies understand they need to connect with their customers and employees through video and a dynamic online presence. We offer complete multi-media package solutions that will unleash the power of video to work for you.
Mike Haller, Video Producer, 314-892-1233

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This web video was specifically produced and directed for the internet. Rob Haller, StL Video Producer, 314-892-1233. Multiple video streaming projects have resulted in numerous opportunities to also capture and edit the videos for web delivery in real time or at the viewers convenience. Videos were produced in California and edited in our St Louis video studio.

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St louis web video and location scout for Gateway Honda dealers

Our creative video production crew provides full service video production, photography and audio-visual services. Our studio is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Our in-house team includes videographers, lighting & sound technicians, graphic designers, editors and animators.

Television Commercial web video for Gateway Honda Dealers – St Louis location scout Mike Haller, 314-892-1233