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Your Corporate Spokesperson

Video production is becoming a must have for companies of all sizes and for good reason. Video, unlike combines audio and visual multimedia to create a more memorable and emotional experience.

Video on the internet doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We’ve been creating video and integrating it with the internet since You Tube first started.

Video Press Release
For years, PR companies have been suggesting the addition of video with a press release. Many online press release services allow you to upload video to your press release. In this case, you can add any type of video, perhaps a visual that enhances your message.

But, consider this as well. Simply take your press release as it is, and send it to a professional video production company and have a spokesperson read it on camera. Send your video production company a few photos, and they’ll be able to produce a much more compelling press release than you could deliver using text and photos. Then, upload your video press release to your website, to, to Facebook, and to video sharing sites.

A video press release is easy and affordable. There’s no scripting, storyboarding, or location shooting. A video press release can be used any time you create a written press release. But, keep in mind, if your video press release names and involves a lot of people, it’s much more likely to be shared. For instance in the example video press release above, the winner and finalists of a bird photo contest were shown. Those people, since they got recognition, shared the video on their social networks.


Mike Haller

St Louis Video Producer


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