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Creating The Best Video Production is easy if you follow these simple rules.

1) Proper lighting is critical to producing quality video.
Use a professional light kit. The way you position your lights creates a mood that influences the way your viewers feel about the subject and the scene. The basic purpose of lighting is to illuminate your subject, but it does much more. Good lighting enhances color, improves contrast, and creates the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional screen.

2) Audio is just as important as video.
Use an external microphone and monitor your audio at the camera using headphones while you videotape so you know what you’re really recording. Get the microphone as close to your subject’s mouth as you can.

3) Keep your camera still.
If you distract the viewer from the message it is a mistake. The best camerawork is invisible to the viewer, so be ready to shoot steady. Always, use a tripod to support your camera. Editing time can be reduced with a nice steady shot.

5. Plan your video production.
Avoid winging the production, it may seem creative, but it’s not. Always start with a script, ok, if no script at least an outline of your shots and the purpose of each. Think about what you need to shoot before you show up on the production set. Make a shot list and shoot what is on the list.

Fred Hamann, St Louis Video Producer, 314-892-1233,

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