Training Videos

Whether it is a safety training video or simply to train your associates to conduct particular and proper tasks, we can solve your training problems.  We have also created a number of sales training videos for many companies sales forces.  Capture your training with video to extend the reach of the message for new employees and for those who may have missed the initial training session.  Rob Haller, StL Video Producer, 314-892-1233

John Eyres, President, BCC St Louis Telemarketing

John Eyres, President of BCC at a recent sales training meeting for St. Louis Telemarketing.  Let BCC do telemarketing, teleprospecting, and cold calling for your company for as little as four hours per week. So many companies need to do more calling, but just don’t have the TIME! Or they cannot afford to hire a dedicated sales person. But they can afford to hire BCC. They do the tough, hard cold calling that really makes a difference.

Video Training for Netshape

Quality and Teamwork Kaizen Training or a “change for the better” refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing.  We have produced numerous training and marketing videos over the years to help businesses solve their communication problems.  Below is a video I worked on with St Louis video director, Rob Haller at St Louis Video Production for Netshape Corp.  Fred Hamann, St Louis Associate Video Producer, 314-892-1233


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