Location or Studio Video Production

There are pros and cons when it comes to shooting corporate and marketing videos in a studio or on location.

st louis web video production at our studio
st louis web video production at our studio

Planning and maintaining availability

Generally, production studios are used to shoot photos and videos. You contact a studio manager, set the shooting dates, and book it.

Location shooting poses more logistical issues. First, you must locate the right site. That involves visiting multiple locations and taking time and personnel. Then, you check availability.

Pricing strategy

Is shooting on-location or in a studio more costly? It depends on several factors. Studio rental, all else being equal, is typically more expensive than shooting on-location. However, multiple factors may alter that trend.

A studio shoot is typically broken down into two sessions (morning and afternoon) or three sessions (morning, afternoon, and evening), which is what we offer for our studio shoots. Our prices are set based on the amount of time you want to shoot and the number of people included in the shoot.

st louis web video production on location
st louis web video production on location

Lighting and sound systems

You have a lot more control when shooting in a studio when it comes to lighting and sound. When deciding on a location, those two factors are vital. In addition to set design, you can light anything however you like. You don’t have to worry about traffic sounds or janitors with vacuum cleaners or blowers down the hallway because you’re in a studio.

st louis web video studio talent on camera
st louis web video studio talent on camera

The crew is crucial, whether you’re shooting in St Louis or elsewhere. The St Louis Web video crew can guarantee a successful production, providing you with the best return on your video investment.

St Louis Web Video brings more than video production skills to the table – it’s our creative ideas that make the difference. Our producers share your story in the most creative and compelling way possible. We take the time to understand what sets your organization apart and what your specific goals are.

video recording at remote river barge location
video recording at remote river barge location

We are a full service video production company located in St Louis providing online video services, as well as video marketing and broadcast television commercials.

We regularly shoot in various configurations, with crews of all sizes, depending on your specific needs and budget.  Whatever your project needs, We can provide it. We offer our clients a consistent, ready video production resource for ENG, commercial, documentary, industrial or corporate video production.

We can coordinate crews, equipment, schedules, locations – just about anything you need for almost any type of video production in St Louis.

Rob Haller


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